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Osteopathy ?



Osteopathy is a manual health profession which can diagnose and treat the loss of mobility in the different structures that make up the human body (joints, organs, bones of the cranial sphere, etc …).

It is Andrew Taylor Still who founded and conceptualized osteopathy in June 22, 1874 in the US. Following this, Osteopathy spread worldwide.

A complementary medicine

It is a preventive and curative discipline that is complementary to allopathic medicine and physiotherapy.

It is based on scientific expertise, extensive knowledge of human anatomy and palpation.

The osteopath observes the whole patient to find and treat the cause of the dysfunction. They dont just focus on the presenting symptoms.

A recognized profession

Osteopathy is performed by practitioners with the title D.O. (Diploma of Osteopathy).

Only the practitioners meeting specific criteria in their training and exercise are authorized to bear the title of osteopath.

The title BSc (Hons) is a “Bachelor of Science” a recognized University degree.

Situation in Portugal

Unconventional medical professions are recognized by the Portuguese Parliament since July 2003.

Regulation of osteopathy is under consideration in Portugal since 2005 with the appointment of an inter ministerial committee.

On the 1st of October 2015, the central administration of the Health System (ACSS) delivers the first “cards” to professional osteopaths.

This is the culmination of a long process and reflects the commitment of the Portuguese government to ensure quality in its health care and that health should be practiced by trained professionals.

The title of osteopath is therefore protected by law.


Osteopathy has its limits, therefore your osteopath will guide you to seek further advice or examinations in case of disease or symptoms requiring medical care.